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Printing inside the aluminum
the photo
art projects
furniture inserts
for architecture and design
information panels
memorial tablets



Where is the DigitELOX Sub-Anode Printing Used?


DigitELOX digital sub-anode printing is widely used in many areas where anodized aluminum is in demand.

The finished product has a number of unique properties, which makes its use indispensable both in industry and in architecture, design, advertising and photography.

Super durable surface, high resistance to any chemistry, special 3D visual perception, environmentally friendly product with a proven service life of more than 40 years


Photos, paintings, graphics, drawings, etc.

Print photos, paintings or drawings inside aluminum with amazing image clarity of up to 2880 dpi. The resulting 3D effect and metallic luster transforms the image and gives it an internal glow


* Facades, panels, wall panels, furniture applications

Anodized aluminum with a printed image will give any architectural project its unique personality.

Besides architecture, anodized aluminum is very popular in design. Panels, wall panels, column lining, paintings, furniture inserts and other aluminum products expand the horizons of design decisions almost to infinity



* Information panels, plaques, medallions, badges, art objects, jewelry

Digital anodizing technology is very popular in advertising. A high degree of wear resistance and excellent resistance to various vandalism (in particular graffiti) is especially important for the manufacture of information panels, memorial panels, badges, plates.
For galleries and artists, we suggest using anodized aluminum to create objects of art, create jewelry products, use for performance



* nameplates, barcodes and QR codes, industrial panels, control schemes for machines and mechanisms, scales, dashboards, evacuation plans, identification plates, dials, etc.

The chemical resistance of anodized aluminum allows the use of this technology for the manufacture of nameplates, barcodes and QR codes, control circuits for machines and mechanisms, dashboards, evacuation plans and many other information and identification plates that are used not only in normal use, but also in aggressive industrial environments and in harsh climates

Benefits of DigitELOX Technology

Nano technology is similar to tattoo process when the paint is not placed on the surface but inside the metal.
This can be done only on aluminum as while anodizing the surface is transformed into transparent aluminum oxide with thickness 15-25 microns.
Aluminum oxide is very hard, durable and resistant to almost any chemistry. In nature aluminum oxide is found in the form of corundum, sapphire and emerald. Ready photo looks like a jewel!

We use only Swiss chemical dyes for printing inside the metal. The particle size of the dye is only 1-4 nanometers. Thanks to a high-precision industrial printer we receive full-color image with high resolution (up to 2880dpi / 720ppi).
The most interesting characteristic of the visual perception of the finished photo work is 3D effect. It happens thanks to the fact that the chemical dye fills the capillary of aluminum oxide at depth up to 25 microns but not in the form of a droplet on the surface. This is the reason why this technology is similar to tattoo process.

To complete the process a printed photo is placed in demineralized water at a temperature of at least 96 ° C for 90 minutes (for 25 microns) to make it hot sealing.
As a result of compaction the capillaries are closed and the dye is "sealed" inside the metal


Natural metallic luster

The finished product has a natural metallic sheen, creating the effect of a "living" surface, which varies depending on the lighting

Atmospheric resistance

Resistance to ultraviolet (does not fade), resistance to tropical and arctic climates, withstands extreme temperatures, humidity, fogs, rains, icing, wind, sandstorms

Does not burn

Flammability class NG or international class A1

Wear resistant, not afraid of chemistry

The surface has a high degree of wear resistance (does not scratch and does not lose its luster)

Chemical resistance (does not react with solvents and other petroleum products, resistant to weak acids and alkalis in the range of 5-7 pH)



Easy to clean with any solvent.

3D effect

It has a special 3D perception due to the fact that the image is not formed by ink droplets on the surface, but by capillaries of alumina filled with a chemical dye with a depth of up to 20-25 microns (analogue of a tattoo)

Does not rust

High resistance to corrosion, including in marine, urban, or industrial climate

Easy to handle
Easy to machine, suitable for laser cutting

Easy to clean surface
Easy to clean with ordinary detergents with neutral alkalinity, suitable for sterilization in special devices

Environmentally friendly product

Environmentally friendly material, recyclable

See how we create our product

All work is performed by highly qualified specialists, using modern precision equipment

What you need to know to order DigitELOX

We work only with trusted manufacturers of aluminum sheets and use exclusively high-quality raw materials

All production processes from sheet cutting, alumina growing, printing and compaction are carried out at our own KTM-2000 plant

This gives the customer a guarantee of perfect operation and on-time order fulfillment




satin (half gloss)




Anode layer

10 microns
15 microns
18 microns
20 microns and more


Sheet thickness

0,5 mm
0,8 mm
1 mm
1,5 mm
2 mm
2,5 mm
3 mm



Print Box Size

Мах Print Size 1150x1750 mm




Color mode




Image quality

At least 300 dpi



File Format 

Send files in EPS, AI or PDF format

If you want to print only a photo, then this is TIFF or JPG




White color

Everything that is white in design retains the natural appearance of aluminum




For best results, pre - printing a sample (color proof) is recommended

Галерея выполненных работ по технологии DigitELOX

Photoproject, for a reception in the office, Minsk

Panel made of aluminum 2 mm, size 600 x 1200 mm

Architectural design, decoration of the holy spring

Artistic panels, custom-made design for the resort Berezina holy spring.
2 mm aluminum, 20 μm anode layer

Industrial design, dashboard

Custom dashboards for motor boat manufacturer

Advertising project for Wargaiming

Promotional products including aluminum mouse pads, coasters and souvenirs

The architectural project, the facade of the shopping center

Monochrome printing on front panels in natural color C0

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